Open Service Positions at RSC


The following position remains open as of 4/7/2024:

Open Advisory Board Committee (ABC) Positions:

Advisory Board Committee (ABC) Secretary

Qualifications for Advisory Board Committee (ABC) Secretary:

  • Suggested minimum three (3) years clean time.
  • Prior NA service experience on the group, area, and regional levels.
  • Time and resources necessary to fulfill the commitment.
  • Sound understanding of the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts, and the Guide to Local Services.
  • Business or organizational experience outside of NA.
  • Basic clerical or office skills.
  • Free from any theft related felony convictions for the past five (5) years.

Duties of Advisory Board Committee (ABC) Secretary:

  • Conduct ABC meetings in the absence of the Chair and Co-chair.
  • Keep accurate minutes of ABC meetings and distribute them to participants.
  • Keep corporate archives of all RSC and former RSO minutes, corporate correspondence and files, audio recordings of meetings, copies of the Articles of
  • Incorporation, bylaws, policies and procedures, and employee files. The archive shall be maintained at the principal office of GPRS, Inc.
  • Bear the Corporate Seal.
  • Exercise all other powers or duties granted by the RCMs.

Open Sub-Committee Positions:

Cleansheet Chair, Literature Review Chair, and Meeting List Chair

Duties Of The Sub-Committee Chairperson:

  1. Attends all Regional Service Committee meetings, or sends a representative of the committee when unable to attend.
  2. Facilitates Sub-Committee meetings.
  3. Establishes lines of communications with the appropriate WSC/NAWS Inc. personnel and other Areas and Regions.
  4. Is sensitive to the needs of the groups, areas, local community, the region and NA as a whole.
  5. Forms working relationships within the Sub-Committee.
  6. Performs administrative duties such as typing, copying, files etc. (unless subcommittee has a secretary)
  7. Establishes and coordinates bank account and makes it known to the region. This applies to GPRS Inc., and GPRCNA only.
  8. Attends all Joint Administrative Committee meetings.
  9. Prepares monthly line-by-line financials as well as works with JAC and the RSC Treasurer to produce annual unified budgets.
  10. Serves as point of contact on subcommittee credit account with GPRS, Inc.

Qualifications Of A Sub-Committee Chairperson:

  1. A suggested minimum of three (3) years of continuous clean time.
    • The exception being the GPRCNA Chairperson and GPRS, Inc. Advisory Chair which is five (5) years.
  2. Prior NA service experience on an Area or Regional Sub-Committee.
  3. Time and resources to fulfill the commitment.
  4. Good working knowledge of the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts and Guide to Local Services.
  5. Good organizational and communication skills needed to chair meetings and submit reports.
  6. Must NOT be an active Regional Committee Member.

Please refer to current Policy for more information on Duties and Qualifications for open positions: Regional Committee and Sub-Committee Policies