Public Relations (PR) Sub-Committee

  1. The purpose of the PI committee is to interface the efforts of public information and relations inside and outside the NA Fellowship about recovery from the disease of addiction through the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous.
  2. The duties of the PI committee include the following:
    1. Develop and maintain a contingency plan on how to handle all requests for information about the NA Fellowship.
    2. Coordinates PI workshops to assist area PI committees in making contact with outside organizations, and in understanding WSC approved PI guidelines.
    3. Provides community awareness of what NA is, as well as how, when and where NA is available.
    4. Coordinates with the efforts of the H&I committees.
    5. Open and maintain lines of communication between NA and the public.
    6. Provide review and input on WSC PI guidelines as needed.
    7. Oversee the Regional Website and Website policy and coordinate content with the RSC, GPRS, Inc, GPRCNA and RSC Subcommittees.

    PR Service Material Handbooks

    PR PSA Videos