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On Sunday March 14th, 2021 the Region held an Information day. The recordings of the speakers are now available online – GPRNA INFORMATION DAY LINK


    Sunday, August 22, 20212pm until 6pm Topics for Discussion: Why Aren’t You Interested In Service? What Makes NA Service Unattractive?? Information on Zones (Fellowship Development) THIS IS AN OPEN DISCUSSION MEETING.NO SPEAKERS!!!!PLEASE JOIN US.WE NEED YOUR VIEWPOINTS.ALL ARE WELCOME!!!ZOOM PLATFORM Zoom platform opens 15minutes before the first scheduled meetingZoom Information: Location:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5327406231?pwd=Y1R3cDhwaWlwNk13cldzazlrTzNxQT09Meeting ID: 532 740 6231 …


  • Open Service Positions at RSC
    GREATER PHILADELPHIA REGIONAL SERVICE COMMITTEE Elections were held at our June 2021 RSC meeting. RSC Chair and Phone Line Chair were filled. The following position remains open: Advisory Board Committee (ABC) Secretary Qualifications Suggested minimum three (3) years clean time. Prior NA service experience on the group, area, and regional levels. Time and resources necessary …

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December 11, 2021
  • December 11, 2021  12:00 pm - 4:00 pm - NORTHWEST AREA OF NA UNITY LEARNING DAY - See more details

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December 08, 2021
Calling a defect a defect
Page 358
"When we see how our defects exist in our lives and accept them, we can let go of them and get on with our new life."
Basic Text, p. 35

Sometimes our readiness to have our character defects removed depends on what we call them. If misnaming our defects makes them seem less "defective" we may be unable to see the damage they cause. And if they seem to be causing no harm, why would we ever ask our Higher Power to remove them from our lives?

Take "people pleasing," for example. Doesn't really sound all that bad, does it? It just means we're nice to people, right? Not quite. To put it bluntly, it means we're dishonest and manipulative. We lie about our feelings, our beliefs, and our needs, trying to soothe others into compliance with our wishes.

Or perhaps we think we're "easygoing" But does "easygoing" mean we ignore our housework, avoid confrontations, and stay put in a comfortable rut? Then a better name for it would be "laziness," or "procrastination," or "fear."

Many of us have trouble identifying our character defects. If this is the case for us, we can talk with our sponsor or our NA friends. We clearly and honestly describe our behavior to them and ask for their help in identifying our defects. As time passes, we'll become progressively better able to identify our own character defects, calling them by their true names.

Just for Today: I will call my defects by their true names. If I have trouble doing this, I will ask my sponsor for help.

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