Joint Administration Committee (JAC)

  1. The purpose of the JAC is to increase the unity and communications between regional sub-committees.
  2. The function of the JAC is to coordinate the services provided by the sub-committees to meet the overall needs of the member areas.
  3. The membership of the JAC shall include the Regional Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer and all the Sub-Committee Chairpersons. The Regional Co-chair shall chair the JAC.
  4. The duties of the JAC shall include:
    1. Attempting to prioritize the expenses incurred by the region based on the funds available throughout the year.
    2. Working with the RSC Treasurer, GPRS, Inc Treasurer and the GPRCNA Treasurer to submit an annual unified budget for approval by the region including the following:
      1. Line itemized list of projected revenues from all sources
      2. Line itemized list of projected expenses from all sources
      3. Prudent reserve funding and needs
      4. Additional fund flow activities, if any
      5. Comparison with previous years budget and actual income statement.