Meeting Update Form

This page is for sending meeting update information to the Meeting List Sub-Committee. The meeting information submitted on this form will be used to update the meeting information in the meeting list database.

If you are looking for a meeting, go to the meeting list page. You will be able to find links and information for meetings in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery and the Easton/Bethlehem area.

If your Group meets more than once a week or even once a day, please submit an update form for EACH meeting day and time that needs to be updated. For example, if your group has a Beginner meeting that meets at 7pm on Monday and a Topic meeting that meets later at 8:30pm that same night, please submit an update form for each meeting time.

If your Group meets more than once a week but the only difference is the day of the week, you can submit one form and indicate the days the group meets. For example, your group meets Monday through Friday at 7PM to 8PM and the location and formats are always the same, use one form to submit changes.

This submission is from:
A phone number or email is required for meeting update submissions. The Sub-Committee must be able to contact you in case we need more information. Your contact information will be kept private and will not be publicly available.