Meeting Update Form

This page is for sending meeting update information to the Meeting List Sub-Committee. The meeting information submitted on this form will be used to update the meeting information in the meeting list database.

If you are looking for a meeting, go to the meeting list page. You will be able to find links and information for meetings in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery and the Easton/Bethlehem area.

NOTE: If your group is ending an existing virtual/hybrid meeting and returning to “In Person”, use “Delete Existing Virtual Meeting” as “Reason For Update”.

Explanations of the “Reason For Update” options

  • New Virtual Meeting
    • If your group is not meeting in person but will now be meeting virtually.
    • If your group has never met in person and will only be meeting virtually.
    • If your group is going to have a virtual meeting and an in person meeting – Hybrid
  • Update Existing Virtual Meeting
    • If your group has been meeting virtually but you need to change the virtual meeting
    • If your group is going to open In Person AND keep using your virtual meeting, use this option.
      • Hybrid: A virtual meeting will be conducted from the same room as an in person meeting
      • Simultaneous Virtual AND In Person: Some groups will have two separate meetings at the same time. One will be in person and one will be virtual. Let us know if this is the case as we list these as separate listings in the meeting list.
  • Delete Existing Virtual Meeting
    • If your group was only meeting virtually and had no in person meeting location
    • If your group was closed to in person but was meeting virtually or hybrid. There are options to choose a date when the virtual meeting will end and the in person meeting will resume.
  • New In-Person Meeting
    • If you are submitting information for a new group.
      • NOTE: If you do not see your meeting information in the current meeting list, but your group did exist before the shutdown, use the “Update In-Person Meeting” option. If you are not sure you can use “New In-Person Meeting” option.
  • Update In-Person Meeting
    • If your group is changing any part of a currently listed meeting, use this option You can update location, formats etc. If your group is currently Hybrid, use the “Update Existing Virtual Meeting” option.
  • Delete In-Person Meeting
    • If your group is permanently closing, use this option

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