Phoneline Sub-Comittee

  1. The primary purpose of the Phoneline Committee is to get the prospective newcomer to an NA meeting. This committee provides and maintains a telephone number of a helpline, hotline or infoline for the addict and/or public to reach Narcotics Anonymous.
  2. The duties of the Phoneline Committee include:
    1. Providing a list of volunteers to answer the phoneline and to take Twelfth Step calls.
    2. Facilitating contact between the addict calling an answering service to the recovering addict.
    3. Providing the times, places and locations of NA meetings throughout the region.
    4. Assisting the efforts of the Public Information and Hospitals & Institutions Committees by answering questions about NA and responding to requests for NA services.
    5. Providing frequent workshops to train phoneline volunteers on how to answer a phoneline call.

    Download the Current Phone Line Manual: