A statement from the Region on the 7th Tradition

During this time in which the majority of our meetings have moved to an online format Narcotics Anonymous 7th tradition donations have severely declined. We no longer have the ability to put money in the basket as we have done over the years. We are now looking at new ways to practice a 7th Tradition. Please consider making an online donation to your home group, area, and region so that we can continue to carry the message to addicts and to meet our expenses and support our meetings.

As we make our way through the  financial difficulties due to the pandemic the region would like to address this as not just the crisis that it is, but as an opportunity. As we have navigated our way through in person meeting closures and towards reopening,the way we handle our 7th tradition funds has changed. In some cases groups have not been able to accept 7th tradition donations from members at all, in some cases groups are accepting donations from members electronically, and in some cases members are donating money directly to the area, the region, and even to the world service office

The regional  service committee would like to offer guidance to the members, groups and areas within the region as to the different options for their donations.

There are three options for donations. Region is not recommending one over the other. These are only an attempt to identify solutions to our funding crisis. These options are in person donations, mailing a check or money order, or electronic donations. 

With electronic donations using online payment methods such as PayPal,Cashapp, Venmo etc, members can donate to their home groups, directly to their area, directly to their region, or even directly to World Services. With PayPal donations members even have the option of scheduling recurring payments.


How to set up recurring automatic payments with PayPal:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click PayPal Credit.
  3. Click Make a payment.
  4. Click Automatic payments.
  5. Select the amount to pay each month.
  6. Select the payment method.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Review your payment details and click Agree and Schedule Payments

Download and print this statement to discuss with your home groups: