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Autonomy Zone of NA: The Autonomy Zone is comprised of six Narcotics Anonymous Regions. These Regions are located in the Eastern portion of the United States of America.

The Regions in the Autonomy Zone consist of:

  • Chesapeake & Potomac Region of NA
    • Region covers: Washington DC Metropolitan Area in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the District of Columbia. There are eleven Areas in the Region. The Areas spread from Frederick, Maryland (north) to Waldorf, Maryland (south), and from Bowie, Maryland (east) to Reston, Virginia (west), with Washington DC in the heart of the Region.
  • Free State Region of NA
    • Region covers: All of Baltimore, all of Eastern and Northern Maryland, all of Delaware, and the northernmost tip of Virginia’s eastern shore
  • Greater Philadelphia Region of NA
    • Region covers: From the border with Delaware in the south to Philadelphia in the north to Camden NJ in the east and Chester County in the west.
  • Mountaineer Region of NA
    • Region covers: Parts of West Virginia, eastern Ohio, and western Maryland
  • Central Atlantic Region of NA
    • Region covers: Parts of Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia