Open Service Positions

Regional Secretary

  • Qualifications (including but not limited to):
  • A suggested minimum of two (2) years of continuous clean time;
  • A working knowledge of the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts, and the Guide to Local Services.
  • Prior NA service experience on the group and area levels.
  • Time and resources to fulfill the commitment faithfully, general office and clerical skills.

    The Regional Secretary will keep an updated list of all RSC members including their addresses phone numbers, and will distribute the RSC Minutes to all regional officers, sub-committee chairs, RCM’s, RCM-ALT’s, and ASC chairpersons. The minutes are to be sent out within (15) days of the Regional Service Committee Meeting.

    Skills should include an understanding of what is and what isn’t important to include into the Minutes. The Secretary should review the minutes with the Chairperson prior to making the distribution. Keeps an orderly file of all RSC Minutes.

The terms of service for the Regional Secretary will be a two (2) year term.

Interested members should attend the next RSC Meeting on Sunday, October 4, 2020 to volunteer for this position and/or make a nomination.

Open ABC Chair Position

The ABC Chair position is currently open. Following are the duties and qualifications…

Advisory Committee Chairperson
a. Qualifications
i. Suggested minimum five (5) years clean time.
ii. Prior NA service experience on the group, area and regional levels.
iii. Time and resources necessary to fulfill the commitment.
iv. Sound understanding of the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, Twelve
Concepts and the Guide to Local Service.
v. Business or organizational experience outside of NA.
vi .Free from any theft related felony convictions for the past five (5)

b. Duties
i. Conduct Advisory Committee meeting with a firm but loving hand.
ii. Keep meeting focused on one issue at a time.
iii. Arrange the meeting agenda.
iv. Handle GPRS, Inc correspondence.
v. Be a cosigner on corporate accounts.
vi Serve as General Manager of GPRS, Inc supervising and directing
corporate daily affairs and activities.
vii. Exercise all other powers or duties granted by the RCMs.