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News from the World Service Conference

Final Results and Fun other Stuff

Here is a copy of another Regions Final tally on the CAR and new business. It’s a little hard to understand so here’s some tips: If a motion was Amended or Substituted you will see that on the list after theoriginal Motion. If the

Day 9 Agenda

Hey Everyone Last night was a trip. We went to a Hollywood mtg that was fantastic. I think all the Conference Participants were just so glad to see anyone other than the people we've been sitting next to 12hrs a

Day 8 Agenda, Regional seating, and Thoughts

Last night we closed out CAT proposals and decisions. One of the things we voted on was the seating at the WSC of EPARNA, our sister region(Montco, Bucks, etc). The motion failed. I tried to express our support for the

Day 7 FIPT update

So there is a god! S. Florida and the World Board came to a compromise on the Inspection/audit guidelines and scope. S. Florida agreed to limit the scope, the timeline, and the depth dramatically. Everyone felt like they got what

Day 7 Happenings

Hey Everyone Todays Agenda will probably be a long one but that's ok, we have been basically keeping this to only 12 hour days! Believe it or not that is not common, they are usually longer. So, today, we start

Day 6 additions

On the Agenda I forgot to finish with we have a final workshop on the Role of Zones as a Service Delivery Vehicle, till 9pm. …didn't want you to think we only had a 10 hr day.

Day 6 agenda

At the end of Day 5 we finally ran into some controversy over a regions demand for an inspection and complete audit of World's financials. This has been something brewing for the last 18 months and it came to a

Day 5

Day 5 Today should be pretty straight forward. We have World PR and Human Resouces Panel Reports for the morning. Then NAWS Reports for the afternoon. And after dinner FIPT(Fellowship Intellectuial Porperty Trust) discussions until 9pm(hopefully). We’ll keep you in

Day 4 cont. and CAR results

Day 4 cont. CAR results On Monday we voted on the CAR. There ended up being many Amendments and Subsitutions that complicated voted. We are going to disbursethe official tally when we get copies of it. For now we will

Day 3 cont. & Day 4

  Mondays Schedule dedicated to the CAR, Day 4 – – Day 3 recap- We passed out when we got back to the room it was a short day-12hrs, so we didn't get a chance to post. We had several