Hospitals & Institutions (H&I) Sub-Committee

A.   The purpose of the H&I committee is to serve as a resource to the members, groups and areas in efforts to carry the NA message of recovery to those
unable to attend NA meetings; such as hospitals, jails, rehabs, detoxs, prisons, etc.
B.   The definition of an H&I meeting is a special meeting or introductory meeting held within a facility in which a regular NA meeting cannot be held or where the facility’s restrictions make it impossible for a regular group to operate freely.
C.   The duties of the H&I committee include the following:

    1. Provides experience and guidance to area H&I sub-committees in the
      forming and operating H&I meetings.
    2. Attempts to make NA available to any addict seeking recovery from the disease of addiction by mutual cooperation with these facilities and of the area H&I committee’s attempts to start NA meetings, arranges forums and makes literature available.
    3. Works on the WSC H&I guidelines from time to time.

D.   The H&I committee develops and maintains the following:

    1. List of all the regional H&I commitments.
    2. Name and address of each facility.
    3. Type of H&I meeting being held or type of format.
    4. Contact phone numbers of the group conducting the meeting as well as the contact for each facility.
    5. List of which area is servicing each commitment and which facility is not presently being serviced by anyone.
    6. Brief history of the strengths and struggles of the commitment.