WSO Conference 2023

Good Evening, All

We arrived yesterday,Friday, took us an hour & half to get to the hotel, Traffic wasn’t bad, it was just LA traffic like you see on tv/movies.
Member named Mike picked us up at the airport. One Uber guy wanted to charge us $120.00 to take us to the hotel before Mike showed up!!!🤔
At the hotel we took a look at the setup for the conference and I noticed that the setup is different this time.
We also had an opportunity to speak with Anthony, the member that handles most of the finances for the fellowship.
OK, Saturday started with a poolside meeting. Needed to wear something warm, quite chilly in the morning.
Todays agenda was  a tour of the World Service Offices & World Service Center , where the World Board members meet and the Literature is printed and shipped.
This evening will be a speaker meeting with about seven members from around the world speaking.
The REAL work starts at 8am tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow evening will end with a presentation by Chris & Boyd NA The Early Story.
Zoom Info:822 5263 5653 pswrd 1953
unfortunately that will be about 10:30 pm your time.🤔
Will do my best to keep you posted.
God Bless,
PS I added some photos.Hopefully they came  Through😃
The Framed NA Logo is the original that Jimmy K drew.
One is the Proclamation from Mayor Nutter when the World Convention was in Philly.
One proclamation from President Barrack Obama recognizing NA.
One is some of the World Board Members “getting in service” serving lunch.
Once again,will check in Sunday.
Ted sends a Hearty “Hello”