Unity Sub-Committee

Unity Sub-Committee meets first Saturday of each month: 10:00 AM – 11 AM

A. The purpose of the Unity Committee is to hold events to promote NA unity
throughout the region and to attract members to the services of NA

B. The duties of the Unity Committee include the following:

1. Hold events in each of the member areas on a rotating basis or an equivalent manner.

2. Provide a minimum of two (2) annual learning days promoting the service areas of the NA Fellowship on all levels.

3. Carefully prepares the anticipated revenues vs the projected expenses of each event in hopes of breaking even and keeping total revenue to a minimum. Whenever possible Unity events shall be held at no cost to members.

4. At the will of the RSC and only as a last resort the Unity Committee will coordinate fundraisers to finance our regional services.

If you have any suggestions for Unity Events, you can use this form to submit suggestions.