Primary Purpose Area

7th Tradition

Groups can use Venmo to submit 7th Tradition: @PrimaryPurposeASC

Area Service

2nd Saturday of each month
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Somerton United Methodist Church
(Bustleton & Trevose)
13073 Bustleton Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19116

Area Service

Report Forms

The Primary Purpose Area orders its literature from the Greater New York Regional Service Office.

  • It takes a lot less time to process the order than if we ordered it from NAWS
  • The GNYRSO offers the same area discounts as does NAWS
  • We purchase all our NA literature, medallions, keytags, service materials, etc from NAWS
  • It’s less expensive to ship because it’s coming from NY, not California
  • It’s faster to ship because it’s coming from NY, not California and the orders are processed faster because the GNYRSO doesn’t have the volume of orders that NAWS has

The GNYRSO also carries specialty keytags and specialty medallions from a licensed vendor, as well as other specialty items from licensed vendors.

Our goal is to eventually have an inventory so we can sell literature to the groups on the day of Area Service. Until that time, there will be lit order forms at the Area sessions and it is here, on our webpage as well.

We are looking for people with great ideas who would like to do short-term service on a workgroup to organize our kick-off event on Saturday 19 October.

We are looking for Admin Trusted Servants (Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Ass’t Secretary, Treasurer, Ass’t Treasurer, RCM, Alt RCM) and Sub-Committee Chairs. Check out our flier.

Please join us at Area Service to find out more.

Tri-Fold Meeting List and QR Meeting Info Flyer