2020 Regional Memo on Coronavirus


Sunday, March 15, 2020

To:       Members, Groups & Areas of the Greater Philadelphia Region

From:  The Regional Administrative Board

“Regarding the Coronavirus and the Challenges it has imposed”

As you all know, current events have overtaken us and we have all been left to scramble and catch up. The Regional Administrative Board would like to reach out and share with you directly some of the discussions we had concerning this event. Because of all the facility suspensions at the Area, Group, and Regional levels we are forced to make some adjustments. Together we will work as “one” and get through this trying time.

Therefore, we want to make the following announcements:

  1. April’s Regional Service Meetings and its subcommittees will be postponed until the first weekend in June. Our host facility has postponed all meetings at that location. Any Regional donations that an Area wants to make can be made by contacting our Treasurer Scott at FlyOldHead@gmail.com, with the understanding that bills continue to be due.
  2. The CAR Vote scheduled for April 2020 will be rescheduled to June 2020. We encourage you all to continue as best you can to meet with your members and tally your votes wherever possible. We are aware of the difficulties you are experiencing at present. We are awaiting word and direction from the World Board on postponement of WSC and we will keep you in the loop when we find out.
  3. We are encouraging all meeting suspensions to be sent to the regional representative (Special Worker) (Meeting List Chair), and just as important, will be to inform the committee whenever meetings resume their normal or modified schedule (very important).  You can send the information to Theresa (special Worker) at ttovercomer@verizon.net. We will need this information to update our Phone-line Chair, as we anticipate an increase in individuals accessing that service entity. This list we be posted, as well, on NaWorks.org
  4. We are aware that people are quickly going to online meetings as a supplement during this time and we will be including on NAWorks.org the links to Virtual-NA.org for online meetings and NAbyphone.com for phone meetings. We are advising caution when sending out links to other services that offer meetings online. We can only recommend NA sites and services.
  5. For anyone who wants to set up their own online meeting we will post a Tutorial Link on how to do that and Tim our IT Chair is available to help anyone that wants, be it Group or Area at  Rhetttla@gmail.com

We know that this is a very difficult period for all of us and we don’t know how difficult or how long this will go on. We stand ready to act and are here to serve the Greater Philadelphia Region and all our members. If anyone has any questions, please contact our Co-Chair Matt O. at Olenik227@gmail.com .

We Will Get Through This Together