Meeting Re-Opening Suggestions

Disclaimer: Specific requirements when meetings reopen should be determined by the individual home group in coordination with their meeting facility. These suggestions are presented as possible options to be considered.

Re-Opening Regularly Scheduled Meetings

  • Contact your facility and determine if they have any specific requirements that must be adhered to in order to use the facilities
  • Clean all tables and chairs before members arrive
  • Have spray cleaner and paper towels available for those who want to clean their own areas
  • Make sure bathrooms have soap for washing hands
  • Wear your mask to meetings
  • Consider not serving coffee and suggest members bring their own drinks to meetings
  • Move chairs to allow distance between members
  • Put the 7th Tradition basket in a stationary place
  • Designate an area for members who have compromised immune systems – could use reserved signs on seats. Get creative – be mindful that designated area will not be in high traffic areas
  • Download readings/books to avoid passing literature around the meeting
  • Consider having gloves on hand so that person signing papers can protect themselves
  • Spray key tags with disinfectant prior to meeting. Wear gloves when handing them out
  • Door Post:
    • Please don’t move the chairs
    • Normally we hug: Please be mindful that due to COVID not everyone will be comfortable with hugs: Please ask for permission before going in
    • If you feel sick, or have had a fever, in the past 14 days please refrain from attending in-person meetings. Virtual meetings are still available at
  • Format announcement to reiterate the new precautions that the home group is taking to protect the members
  • Refer to NAWS “Checklist for Reopening Meetings” for more info: