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People have all sorts of reasons for attending NA meetings, but the reason for each meeting is to give NA members a place to share recovery with other addicts. If you are not an addict, look for an open meeting, which welcomes nonaddicts. If you’re an addict or think you might have a drug problem, we suggest a meeting every day for at least ninety days to get to know NA members.

Please click on which area you are looking for a meeting. If you do not find a meeting or are having trouble and want to speak with someone feel free to call 215-NA-Works. 

All Philadelphia Meetings

If you are looking for a meeting in Lower Bucks, Upper Bucks, 
Northampton, or Warren County N.J please visit the Eastern PA Region Of Narcotics Anonymous.

Meeting Updates

PDF Meeting List Update Form

Groups can submit meeting list changes by printing the PDF Meeting Update Form. Print out the form and give it to your Meeting List Rep or Regional Committee Member so they can submit it to the Meeting List Sub-Committee at the next Regional Service Meeting.

Online Meeting List Update Form

Meeting updates can now be submitted online using this Meeting List Update Page.

If you just want to find any meetings near your location,
visit the MAP PAGE.
It will show meetings that meet all week in your vicinity.