Final Results and Fun other Stuff

Here is a copy of another Regions Final tally on the CAR and new business. It’s a little hard to understand so here’s some tips: If a motion was Amended or Substituted you will see that on the list after theoriginal Motion. If the Amendment or Substitution Passes then the original is dropped. If not, then the original is taken up. It might seem out of order otherwise. You will see also that the list continues after Motion 25, this is New Business or Idea Proposals. We are still waiting for the final results to be published from World but this link will give you everything you need.
 Next, we have the results from the Surveys that we all did in a graph which is interesting because most of the fellowship was in the same mind set.
And finally some fun stuff and data about our fellowship.
Billy & Clarence
RD Team Greater Philadelphia Region