Day 9 Agenda

Hey Everyone
Last night was a trip. We went to a Hollywood mtg that was fantastic. I think all the Conference Participants were just so glad to see anyone other than the people we've been sitting next to 12hrs a day, 8 days straight. So, the mtg was a delight. Although I think I lost my phone last night somewhere along that wacky journey I still felt very filled up with love. I have some great pix to send…but they're on my phone…
Today is the last working day:
9-12:30 Wrap of New Proposals
12:30-2 Lunch
2-3:30 Moving Forward
4-5:30 Certificates and Goodbyes- some kind of feel good ceremony
5:30-7 Dinner
7:30- 9 Recovery Mtg
We have lots of ideas and info to bring back to you all. We want all to know that the Greater Philadelphia Region was heard and represented here, that the GPR is very respected and looked up to for the all the years of service and experience that we bring to the table.So you can all feel proud of the Region you're in and the important part, big or small, that you play in that. 
Tomorrow we leave a 4am.
In Loving Service,
Billy W RD
Clarence A RDA
Greater Philadelphia Region of Narcotics Anonymous