Day 7 Happenings

Hey Everyone
Todays Agenda will probably be a long one but that's ok, we have been basically keeping this to only 12 hour days! Believe it or not that is not common, they are usually longer. So, today, we start off returning to the FIPT and the request for an audit. Basically, the fellowship is broken into 3 parts: Allow the audit/inspection to proceed as requested, limit the scope of the inspection, or kill the request altogether. We will be  working this out and I suspect we will find a compromise. That's good, in my opinion, because this issue has left a lot of people feeling like someone found a loophole in our bylaws and used it to put a gun to our head. To be fair, there are people that feel like this rule was there, shame on us for not fixing it, so they should have the right to exercise it. If we work this out where everyone can feel good about where this lands, I will have renewed faith in the our power to work thru anything. This should take maybe 2 hours.
The rest of the day we have 3.5hrs on Fellowship Development and IDT's for 2018-2020., 1.5hrs. on Budget Decisions, then 4-9pm on Conference Approval Track with a dinner somewhere in there.
We're feeling more energy today. The last couple of days the conference turned into zombie land, people shuffling around grunting, because by the middle everyone is so exhausted, lol.
We will keep you in the loop,
Billy & Clarence RD Team GPR