Day 4 cont. and CAR results

Day 4 cont. CAR results

On Monday we voted on the CAR. There ended up being many Amendments and Subsitutions that complicated voted. We are going to disburse
the official tally when we get copies of it. For now we will list the motions by number, how we, the GPR voted, and what the final vote
was. If the motion was Amended we will note that and you'll have to wait for the long version to see the changes to the original motion.
Here it is:
1) We voted Yes, Fellowship voted Yes
2) No, No
3) Was committed to the World Board for further research and report
4) No, No
5) No, Yes
6) No, No  *Our Regions Amendment to this(new Key Tags in English only) Failed as well
7) Yes, No
8) No, No
9) Yes, Yes
10) No, No
11) No, No
12) Yes, Yes
13) Yes, Yes
14) No, Withdrawn by Maker
15) Yes, No
16) Yes, Yes
17) No, Withdrawn by Maker
18) Yes, Yes
19) Yes, Yes
20) Yes, Yes
21) Yes, Yes
22) Yes, Yes
23) No, No
24) No, No
25) Yes, Yes*Amended
In Loving Service,
Billy & Clarence