Day 3 cont. & Day 4

Mondays Schedule dedicated to the CAR, Day 4
Day 3 recap-
We passed out when we got back to the room it was a short day-12hrs, so we didn't get a chance to post. We had several different presentations and workshops. The afternoon was dealing with procedural motions on how to handle voting, amendments, consensus targets, etc. To give you a peek of what that looks like- we spent  2 hrs debating whether after a straw vote participants can share for 2min. or 3min.. Side note: at the 7am recovery mtg Clarence was talking about how spiritually fulfilled he was experiencing this event, at 7pm he was looking online for a ticket home saying "these people are crazy!"
We also passed a substitute motion for motion 25. I paraphrase here- That Iran be able to participate remotely, due to visa issues. The motion was substituted to Fully participate, meaning they could vote remotely as well. This motion overwhelmingly passed.
Another Note: the CAR has swelled to over 50 motions with Amendments. We will be sending a final official complete version of the results. Until then, we will try to paraphrase the long worded ones.
Day 4
Today is dedicated solely to CAR voting, 50 plus motions. This will be one of the days where your RD Team earns their pay! My guess is this is a 16hr day(I haven't told Clarence yet, lol). We will try to update what gets done at the end of the day. Peek- Motion 6 about the key tags was shot down, the amendment to motion 6 made by our Region(to do the key tags in English only) got so little support in straw polls(27 out of 114) that we withdrew the motion.
Don't eat the yellow snow,
Billy&Clarence GPR RD team