2022 Regional Memo on Coronavirus



As we move into 2022, we are still struggling with Covid-19 and its impact on our Fellowship. We offer this memo to increase awareness of the things we can do to protect ourselves. Narcotics Anonymous has no opinions on outside issues. This includes providing guidance on health issues. We can share general suggestions based on our collective experience, NA World Services, and other Regional best practices throughout the world. We suggest contacting your local health authorities for appropriate information and to answer any questions about health issues. These are some of the things that groups around the world are doing to make a safer recovery environment so we can focus on our primary purpose.

Best Practices-

  • Masks and distancing
  • Avoid hugging and shaking hands
  • Closing meetings from the chairs
  • Make sure coffee and literature areas are sanitary
  • Possibly suspend food and beverage stations for the time being
  • Contact lists for if there is an outbreak, although controversial, these have been effective when offered as an option to our members

Each group is responsible for their own decisions and each member is responsible for their own health decisions. There are many forms NA support can come in: In-person meetings, online meetings, telephone meetings, etc. We also want to remind people to please update our meeting list if any changes are made to the status of a group. Very Important https://naworks.org/meeting-update-form/

For Philadelphia Regional NA virtual and In-person meetings go to https://naworks.org/virtual

For NA World virtual meetings go to: https://na.org/virtual